The Art of Gift-Giving

Figuring out just the right present to give can be quite the daunting experience, which is why MEUCCI makes the process enjoyable from beginning to end. All our collections are inspirations, making them the perfect gifts.

Gifts at the workplace: to whom, what, and how?

Presents for coworkers are not the place to save money, as that would undermine the professional respect they convey.

Managers should be presented with gifts befitting their status, even while avoiding the opposite ditch of excess. In other words, selecting those gifts requires a seasoned hand: if cuff links, then classy; if a tie, then better silk with an understated pattern. Belts are better avoided altogether, as they are too strong a hint coming from employees.

On the other hand, being a symbol of friendly support makes belts great gifts for colleagues. The MEUCCI catalogue offers a wide array of original designs, including snakeskin, lacquer, and braided.

Work anniversaries and gifts for group favorites are excellent opportunities to present an entire set: a shirt, tie, and handkerchief. Besides being a sign of respect and care, it is a great way to show off a rare ability to match all three items. This art is a specialty for MEUCCI consultants, and one which they are always willing to put to good use on your behalf. The laurels, of course, will be yours alone!

Family circles

Selecting a gift for that special guy or a close relative may be simple on the one hand; on the other, the weight that gift carries makes it especially important! You do not have to wait for a formal occasion, holiday, or significant date, as your loved ones need your care and attention most of all.

The traditional choice is shirts that can be combined with cuff links and handkerchiefs.

A cozy sweater is another elegant way to show your love: a thin summer pullover made from cotton, viscose, or a rare combination of wool and silk; a soft cardigan with button clasps; or a V-neck. Each of those options says, “I love being with you.”

Then again, a nice bag is perhaps a more functional gift that is perfect for a professional assistant. Convenient sectionals and pockets make it easy to keep everything separate, while the quality natural leather, durable metal frame, and scuff-resistant lining will make it a fixture for years to come.

Shoes have both a practical and an emotional side. Seeing as how one’s attitude and well-being are directly impacted by foot comfort, be sure to select a pair of loafers made from suede, leather, or textile fabrics. The lack of laces makes them as easy to slip on and off as slippers.

A gift is a symbol

It is hardest to select a gift for a man for whom you have high hopes. He might be a new acquaintance with whom you would like to strike up a relationship, or he might be a potential business partner. Either way, an expensive or overly significant present is not the right way to go, as excessive generosity makes you look crass. All you need is something elegant that does not come with any strings attached. Most importantly, show your taste and sense of style.

Best is a vivid, heart-felt present that is remembered and inspires a reaction.

Are you expecting an invitation to a concert or film festival? Exercise your light touch by giving him a bowtie.

Amateur fashion experts who are still learning the ropes and reading through men’s magazines can be nudged along toward the dandy style of dress with an ultra-stylish knitted tie or a silk handkerchief for their chest pocket.

Those who love sports and other athletics can simply be given a polo made from 100% high-quality cotton.


Our 5,000, 10,000, and 15,000 ruble gift cards are perfect for when you do not have time to make a decision yourself or especially for when you are not sure which style is best.

They are also a great idea for February 23 or a corporate party. After all, you are giving that guy the opportunity to pick out whatever he wants from the new MEUCCI collection.